Angkor Wat tourists

all photographs copyright Nigel Dickinson 2007

Tourists photographing Angkor Wat from sunrise to sunset. This could be the eighth wonder of the world. Millions of tourists visit this site every year. Visitors not only come from the West but many hundreds of thousands from China and Korea. They visit this extraordinary and unique complex of Buddhist and Hindu temples and monasteries, some built more than a thousand years ago. Incredibly, perhaps, what is more amazing is the tourists behaviour, photographing with their digital cameras, videos and telephones. It seems most important to document, to immediately have evidence that you were there, and to verify, seeing yourself and what you photograph, rather than experience in reality what is around you, whilst you are there. Rather than experiencing the place through touch, feeling, presence or just being and seeing; their experience of the place, of sunrise and sunset, of the magnificent archictecture is by virtue of acquiring digital records, immediate and longlasting proof, that they were there.





Photographing the eighth wonder of the world