Nigel Dickinson works on assignment for such as the New York Times, Stern, Figaro Magazine, the UN and OECD. His work is published in Geo, D Republicca, Marie Claire, Mare, La Vanguardia, GEO, Le Monde, Figaro, L’Express, Choc, Animan, VSD, Vogue, Time, Newsweek, Focus, Marie Claire, The Independent, The Guardian,The Telegraph, New Scientist, Terre Sauvage, Liberation, The Red Cross, Medicins Sans Frontiers, Oxfam, the IEA and the IAEA.


Dickinson's work focuses primarily on the human condition, identity, culture, marginalised peoples and environmental issues. He undertakes all manner of photographic work: from hard news & features, to portraits & cuisine, travel & tourism, campaigns, TV & film stills, aerial & landscapes. From the Sharia in Nigeria to Christians in Indonesia, from portraits of celebrities & company directors to work with street children and living on the rubbish dumps. With press, magazines, UN & ngo’s, he travels & works in Africa, the Balkans, Central & South America, & South East Asia.


In 2000 Dickinson was 'runner up' in the Eugene Smith Award, for his work on Roma Gypsies across Europe. Covering indigenous peoples & deforestation earnt him Bronze award from UNEP in 1992. He recieved an honourable mention in the World Press for his work on Mad Cows in 1997.

Publications, exhibitions, shows:

Roma beyond borders, Moving Walls, OSI. Washington DC 2007/8

Roma beyond borders, Moving Walls, OSI. New York 2006-2007

Roma Gypsies, Tony Gatliff film festival, Ukraine Spring 2007

Sara.Le pelerinage des Gitans. Actes Sud. 2003 Book

Sara.Le pelerinage des Gitans. RIP, Arles, 2003

Sharia Islamic Law, Kano Nigeria. Visa Pour L’Image 2003

Rom Gypsy Exodus & Romany Gypsies. Visa pour L’Image 2000

People and the Land. Staffordshire County Arts Service, UK 1995

Road. Eco-warriors & travellers: Arts Council of GB, 1994

Land Rights Deforestation South East Asia: Fotofeis-Scotland 1993

Hanging On By Your Fingernails. The Miners Strike. The Arts Council of GB.

Spokesman Press. Publication and touring show 1987

Soweto Country Club: Race & class issues in South Africa 1985

Demonstrate UK, Camerawork Photographic Gallery London 1983





B.A Hons Photography/Communications Arts: Sheffield University

Foundation Course in Art & Design: Birmingham City Polytechnic



Languages: English, French & Spanish



Nigel Dickinson also runs photography workshops, and works as a film director and cameraman



Photojournalism and documentary projects:

Steung Mean Chey Rubbish Dump, Cambodia 2007

Evangelists, Christians, Khmer Rouge, Cambodia 2007

Phnom Penh to Battambang, Train, Transport 2007

Chernobyl, Belorussia and Ukraine 2006

Batak Christians, Indonesia 2005

Roma Gypsies across Europe, Slovakia, Romania, Serbia 2004

Sharia Law & Islamic Society: Kano Nigeria 2003

Saintes Maries de la Mer Gypsy festival 1993-2003

Australia cowboys 2001

Foot & Mouth UK 2001

Ivory Coast, Yopougon Township 2000

French Forests after the storms 2000

Rom Gypsy and Albanian Kosovar Refugees 1999-2000

Hurricane Mitch, Honduras Central America 1988

El Nino, Brazil Amazon Forest Fires 1988

Mad Cow disease in UK 1996

Guatemala, Human Rights, Street Children 1995-1996

French Gitans & Saintes Maries de la Mer 1993-2002

Hunting wild boar, Chasse au Sanglier Ardeche, France 1994/5

Environmental Road Protest Direct Action 1993-1995

Bosnia Campaign 1994/5

Deforestation in South East Asia 1989-1992



Representation & news with Polaris, New York.

Archives with Still Pictures, Third World Network, Grazia Neri

And direct from

Nigel Dickinson